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Super Rare Ferrari 275 GTB Discovered in a Barn

Super Rare Ferrari 275 GTB Discovered in a Barn

A story dreams are made of, this super rare Ferrari 275 GTB was recently found in a North Carolina garage where it had been hidden for over 27 years and not touched by the owner since 1991.

The super rare long-nose alloy-bodied 275 GTB is one of only 205 produced, this model compleated in January in 1966 was eventually exported to the US, a few owners and years later the current owner purchased it 1981, he used the Ferrari sparingly up until 1991, his friend a mechanic who was the only person he entrusted to work on his prized sports cars sadly passed away unexpectedly.

Later that year the owner advertised the Ferrari for sale but shortly after placing the AD he decided he couldn't part with the car just yet and there it remained in his garage until it was discovered earlier this year alongside a 1967 Shelby Cobra 427.

Ferrari 275 GTB - Lux Junky

Ferrari 275 GTB - Interior - Lux Junky

The car recently sold at auction $2,530,000 now you could buy a lot of designers trainers with that chunk of change.
You can read more about the vehicle on Gooding & Company.

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